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Accounting Services

Procure to Pay

Setting Up Payments using Online Payment mode and banking Services

Raising PO for expenses. Mailing PO’s to Vendor, Booking Vendors Invoices.

Order to Cash

Order management, the first stage of the O2C process, starts as soon as the customer submits an order. You are in charge of the order management procedures as soon as the purchase is verified, whether through an e-commerce platform on your website, an email to the sales department, or even by informing a sales representative in person.


The potential for problems as you approach the end of the process are minimised by careful credit management on the front end of O2C. When credit is necessary, every new customer should immediately go through a credit approval process when placing an order. Simple approvals or denials can be handled by automated software, while cases that need a more thorough assessment can be reported to financial staff.

Orders sent for fulfilment should be in an uniform digital format so that any employee starting work on an order can easily understand all of the important elements. Paper orders and outdated software that doesn’t communicate order data result in errors, pricey clarifications, and delays.

Product logistics are crucial to the success of order shipping, so the O2C process’s shipping phase needs to be routinely reviewed to make sure it satisfies high performance criteria.

Record to Report

It’s simple stuff, but there are some rules to follow to ensure that each transaction is recorded in the same format.

Once recorded, the transactions must be compiled and indexed in order for totals to be accurate and complete.

The general ledger is locked and the books are closed during this time period in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

To ensure their validity, all recorded transactions are combined in the appropriate category .

The final report is the final outcome of the process. With the help of this report, management can make changes to current operational procedures and plan for the future.

Payroll and Labour Compliance

  • Requirement Assessment & Migration detailed scoping and Understanding your specific needs
  • Technology Integration and data migration
  • Setting up of Employee master
  • Setting up of Rules
  • Collection attendance and Variable Inputs
  • Payroll Processing
  • Tax Computation
  • Salary slips
  • Statutory Report and Submissions
  • Client and Employee Query Management
  • 40+ online reports
  • Statutory Reports (PF; ESIC; LWF and PT)
  • Bank Advice in the format required by Client
  • Journal Vouchers for the purpose of Accounting
  • Leave Register
  • Other Customizable Reports
  • On-the-Go Employee Access through Mobile application
  • Communication of final tax liability
  • Receipt and Verification of investment declarations and proofs
  • Form 16 & Form 24

Business and Variance Analysis

It is best to gather and aggregate all relevant data in one centralised location before beginning. Managing disparate excel files or data sets can be difficult when performing variance analysis. Furthermore, it streamlines report production and aids in maintaining version control over various data versions that may be produced.

Create an excel template for calculating variances once all relevant data has been centralised. Put your budgeted values for each data point you want to compare in one column. Gross sales, labour costs, cost of goods sold, and fixed costs, for example, could all be presented in aggregate.

When performing variance analysis, it is always a good idea to use materiality thresholds. Make certain that the time spent investigating a variance is worthwhile, and quantify the cost and benefit of time spent during analysis. Once you’ve determined a materiality threshold, you can start analysing each variance.

Finally, compile all of the results into a single management report. The identified variances and the root causes of each variance should be included in the report. It should also include corrective actions and recommendations for management. Analysts spend a significant amount of time preparing for these presentations because management frequently asks questions that they must be prepared to answer.

Audit And Compliance

Internal Audit

Statuatory Audit

Tax Audit

On-Demand Resources



Frequently Asked Question

Working as your virtual, outsourced accountant or partner has gotten much simpler thanks to new technology. You can choose from the remote, visit-based, or dedicated resource delivery models, and we can tailor the solution to meet your needs. Our crew is skilled at working with the accounting programme of your choice to make sure that deliveries are made on time.

Our daily email updates to clients about the work they have received are followed by weekly review calls and monthly review management calls. This enables you to always be aware of the state of your job. If you already have a reporting system in place, we would be happy to use it on your behalf. If you already have a reporting system in place, we would be happy to use it on your behalf.

Security and confidentiality are top priorities for us because we deal with sensitive client information. The following list includes some of the actions taken:
1) Limited Internet access;

2) restricted data access;

3) USB ports disabled
4) Securing the Network
5) Constant Inspection
6) Password-Protected Systems, etc.
Additionally, while visiting a client's remote server for input, we make sure that the data is only accessible and stored on client servers, guaranteeing data security and ensuring that you always retain custody of the data.

Yes! The contract includes support at no additional cost. Your account will be given a dedicated account manager who can answer your questions via phone or email. The maximum turnaround time will be one day.

You won't lose control of your accounting records, no. The entire outsourcing process is fairly open and you have complete control over your company's financial records. You have the option to approve or reject any payments or invoices, even though the outsourced accounting company, like us, will feed in the transactions.

There are several benefits to outsourcing tax preparation to Meru Accounting:


- By outsourcing tax service, you can cut your administrative and operating costs by more than 70%.

- We guarantee fast response times and straightforward operations.

- You can delegate your tax preparation job to us so that you can concentrate on growing your business, bringing on new clients, and comprehending their unique needs.

- Our staff is made up of experts in the sector, including CAs, CPAs, CFAs, and other professionals.

- You do not need to hire more employees during the busy tax season and year-end.

- You gain access to the newest technologies and safe internet services.

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